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That boy is a monster~

I'm ridiculously busy lately, so much so that I really just don't quite know how to deal with it. I've never been so... Productive? IDK.

Anyway, TO DO list.

-Get done with stupid School Girl Figure show, which is in January now. Bleeh.
-Finish Betaing those two Megamind Fics. I can never take on Beta-duties ever again, I'm so bad at this.
-Do my Music of Film Project.
-Turn 18
-Read Hamlet
-Study for American History 2 test
-Finish the AHSA test over the next 2 weeks.
-Audition for Sound of Music

Little sad, but my Birthday is on the 19th and well, I don't get to do anything for it. The week before is all auditions for Sound of Music, and after that it's Christmas Holiday so everybody will be busy and doing stuff. And I have rehearsal on my actual Birthday, so instead of turning 18 and hanging with my friends and eating cake, I'll be spending 6 hours with a play I don't enjoy.

Oh well. There's not much I can do about it, so I won't complain. Maybe I'll go buy a pack of cigarettes, and then not smoke them.

Also... I finished Retrieval and Return today. My first full-length fanfiction is completed and off to be Beta'd.


Anyway, I'm off to pick scenes from Aliens for my Music of Film class. Trying to figure what scenes in that flick aren't gorey and R-rated to show in class. :B