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Alison Reviews Megamind [SPOILERS BEWARE]

SO. I saw Megamind on Friday, and I have quite a LOT to say about it. I'm gonna break this up into segments, otherwise I'll get ranty and dumb.




SPOILERS BENEATH THE CUT! Otherwise, as you were.Collapse )Overall? SEE THIS FUCKING MOVIE. Holy shit, it was so good, start to finish, everything just. Just go see it. Or at least get the soundtrack.

Actually, here, I made it a playlist-  http://www.youtube.com/user/IamAlisonWonderland#grid/user/92652D729F2FD659

Nov. 5th, 2010


*weeps in a corner*

(also I saw Megamind AHHHH it was just as I hoped it would be- amazing.)

So like, I'm a Thespian, right? I work hard at my school to make our shows the best they can be. And the backstage area, is supposed to be our area.

I'm sick and tired of nobody respecting the backstage area. I'm talking to the Principal Monday, it's getting ridiculous, the amount of garbage back there. Somebody from Mr. Indian (a beauty pageant for the guys at our school, essentially) walked out with one of the Roman helmets, which the Dormouse wears in our show, the vorpal sword was snapped in half, which we also need for our show. People leave their shit back there acting like it's some huge glorified locker. The backstage is the Thespian's area, not your garbage can, not where you put your gym clothes, or your homework, backpack, or where you have your lunch.

All the other activities get taken seriously, it's not fair that all the other activities are taken care of and get respected, and the theatre doesn't. We deserve just as much respect as football, or anything else.

There were months old frenchfries backstage that we had to clean up when we first came back to school. It's not fair that we haven't seen the back wall since 2006, or that things we need get stolen, or broke. I know it's just high school, but it's high time we had a good environment to act and work in. I am tired of teacher's telling me that the backstage is a mess and needs to be cleaned up, but what can a bunch of teenage girls and scrawny teenage boys and the occasional muscular gay boy do with piles of ply wood, set pieces, and strips of old, splintering wood that never was thrown away and just piled in the back to rot? How can we lift and pull all of that out without getting yelled at for making a mess in the cafeteria?

I am COVERED in cuts, bruises, scrapes, and minor sprains from working backstage, onstage, and around the stage. I have bled, sweat, and sobbed on that stage, my DNA and my hard work is engrained in the wood. I have scars on my feet, my shins, my arms from building the sets, and I'm pretty sure I've smelled enough paint thinner for a druggie to have a good weekend. We deserve a clean environment just as much as the next person.

Monday morning, I am marching into the Principal's office and demanding some sort of rules be implimented for the upkeep of backstage. I'll write a letter, I'll start a petition, whatever the hell it takes to get the theatre taken seriously.

I want the lonely, lost kids of the future to find the solace I found in the stage, and they can't do that when it's covered in garbage and disrespect.

Oct. 28th, 2010


Rehearsal for 'School Girl Figure' and 'Alice in Wonderland'. I have two parts to play in SGF and I'm Red Queen in Alice.

Painting downtown, Trick or Treating on Saturday, then Sunday is the parade.

@_@ So many things!

Here, have some Sinatra.

*sitting in room playing Soul Silver*

Phone: THIS... IS... a text message.

*pick up, peer*

Text from Mom: ive see it all sitting in hios man making out with his dog

Alison: lol how does that work- wait what?

Mom: well, the guy was in the drivers seat and the dog was in the passenger seat. The guy had his arms around the dogs neck and was kissing him. like really kissing him.

Alison: Didn't need to know that. Ew. So much ew.

Mom: how do you think I felt I was there

*ponders briefly, relays this occurance to several friends*

Phone: THIS... IS... a text message.

Text from Zane: Because they're in love. IS THERE NO END TO YOUR HATE?

Alison: *chokes on mac and cheese*

Writer's Block: Family planning

If you wanted to have children and had trouble conceiving, would you be more likely to consider IVF, surrogacy, or adoption, and why?

I've always wanted children. I guess it's that innate need to pass on genetics or something, but whenever I think about my future I always see myself as pregnant or with childen. I always see myself as, first and foremost, a mother.

In fact, I once did a prep/activity at school where I was pregnant and had had a miscarriage, and it was one of the most intense scenes I've ever done.

But I've also always wanted to adopt. I'd like to have a kid or two of my own, but I definitely plan to adopt someday. Every child needs someone who will love and accept and support them, and I want to be able to do that.

So yes, I woud adopt. If I truly coudn't have any kids of my own genetics, I'd adopt and then also be a foster parent, I think.

I am a mama bear I am. I would read to my children every night and they will grow up being loved and covered in grass-stains and melted ice-cream. And if anybody ever tried to hurt my cubs, I would eat their hearts and regurgitate it to give their powers to my children.


(He's sort of a big deal in Jersey, he's done lots for the schools, and most notably, there's a place called the Ritacco Center named after him because of his donations.)

Looks like Mr. Ritacco...

*puts on sungasses*

Has no moral Center.

For those close to me unaware, my sister's fiance is in jail. It's a long, convoluted, unpleasant tale, of which origins in nothing more awful than a barfight, and subsequent freak-out after waking up in the back of an ambulance. Then there was a second fight at his brother's bachelor party, at which someone drugged his drink and there was another fight. It's a big mess, but believe me when I say it truly wasn't his fault.

Anyway, it's been several months, and he's getting out this January.

... And I haven't made a single Prison joke. OH THERE HAVE BEEN OPPORTUNITIES. But I have neglected to let the jokes fly with the fear of incurring my sister's wrath. (which is pretty bad, since she's mal-tempered on a good day.)

But today, I could resist no longer.

"Buddy's Christmas shopping already."
"In jail?"
"I hope I get a toothbrush shiv."

This is my kind of movement.

I'm straight, and I fucking approve this message.

The Aftermath part 2!

Comic Con pics! Will probably be more once Jared and Pete upload them.

 Photos beneath the cut! Image heavy, beware!Collapse )